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Nordic Bond Pricing NBP Nordic High Yield Aggregated Index

Nordic Bond Pricing AS, a provider of evaluated bond pricing and index services in the Nordic region, hereby announce the debut of the new NBP Nordic High Yield Aggregated Index.

The new index has been constructed based on the foundation of the existing NBP Norwegian High Yield Aggregated Index which was launched in 2017. It has been developed to close a gap in the Nordic high yield market as there has been few, if any, alternatives to a suitable benchmark to measure high yield bond funds/portfolios’ performance with exposure to the Nordic region.

The index uses a rules-based methodology available on, and includes high yield bonds from the by far two largest Nordic high yield markets, Norway, and Sweden. The index gives investors exposure to close to 500 (Jan 2023) Nordic corporate high yield issues with outstanding debt denominated in NOK, SEK, EUR or USD, and is available with either NOK or SEK as base currency.

Henrik Fosby, CEO of Nordic Bond Pricing, comments:

“This index has been in the making the past year and we are very happy and proud to be able to start discussions with high yield investors and to begin marketing the index to the broader investor community. Many foreign investors look at the Nordic region as one, hence they wish to have exposure to the whole region and not solely single countries in silos. This is one out of many issues this new index helps solve for. Also, we are aware of the multiple number of Nordic funds with exposure to both Norwegian and Swedish high yield issuers.

The new index does not only constitute a new index, also it marks our first committed step into the Swedish bond and index market, with more new products and services to follow in the years to come. During 2022, we have step-by-step increased our presence in Sweden and started to build up a portfolio of investment and asset manager relationships. The input and feedback we have received from those managers have been highly appreciated and we will make sure to continue to invest our time and resources in new development of products and offerings across the Nordic region”

For more information about the new Nordic high yield index, please reach out to us at

About Nordic Bond Pricing

Nordic Bond Pricing was founded by Nordic Trustee ASA and the Norwegian Fund and Asset Management Association (VFF) in 2013 with the aim to provide independent valuation services to the Norwegian investment and asset management community. Nordic Bond Pricing was approved as Benchmark Administrator by the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authorities in April 2021 and publishes a broad selection of government, investment grade and high yield indices.

For more information about Nordic Bond Pricings index services, please visit and

Factsheet December 2022


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