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Bond pricing

Nordic Bond Pricing has agreements with the main brokerage houses in order to collect the necessary data needed as input for calculating bond prices. All information is being processed through our financial models in order to create best estimates for bond prices and in accordance with best practice standards.


The company's statutory documents ensure that the pricing of bonds are carried out independently of its owners. An independent auditor will verify that all processes and financial models being used are in accordance with documentation. In addition, there has been appointed a committee represented by key market players which function as an advisory board to the company.

Nordic Trustee ASA

Nordic Trustee ASA is an independent trustee for investors in the fixed income market. The use of a trustee protects the interests of the bondholders, whilst being a useful point of contact for issuers as the trustee represents investors on a collective basis. In 2013, Nordic Trustee ASA look back on 20 years of activity in the Norwegian fixed income market. The group of companies headed by Nordic Trustee ASA represents the leading provider of trustee services in the Nordic countries, with local presence in Sweden, Finland and Denmark. 


The company deliver a commercial service to its customers. Up until recently, the company's clients used substantial resources to carry out calculations on an independent basis. Nordic Bond Pricing represent significant efficiency gains in this respect. Moreover, this service support the further development of the Norwegian bond market in general.


The services provided by Nordic Bond Pricing is distributed through Nordic Trustee ASA's web portal Stamdata.

The Norwegian Fund and Asset Management Association

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