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NBPs' Government Bond Indices are now available through Infront Professional terminals.

As of May 2023, Nordic Bond Pricing’s (NBP’s) Government Bond Index data is available to Infront customers using the Infront Professional terminal service.

Henrik Fosby, CEO of NBP, comments: "It is our intention and wish to make our index data available through relevant third-party providers’ systems used by our customers. The Infront Professional terminal is used by many financial market participants in the Nordic region, and we hope this new distribution channel will help enhance accessibility to our products and improve our customers experience of our services.”

The NBP Government Bond Index series was launched in 2021 as an alternative to the previously provided government bond indices from Oslo Stock Exchange. The NBP indices have been widely adopted among asset managers and serve as independent benchmarks in many institutional funds and mandates.

Frank Roussel, Chief Product Officer with Infront, comments:

"We are delighted to integrate Nordic Bond Pricing's (NBP) Government Bond Index data into the Infront terminal. By offering NBP index values to Infront users, we are empowering our customers to make more informed decisions and uncover investment opportunities in the Nordic region. This exciting update forms part of our mission to be Europe's leading provider of essential financial data and technology for wealth managers, brokers and traders."

About Nordic Bond Pricing NBP provides evaluated pricing services on fixed income instruments in the Nordic markets. The company offers bond benchmark indices to meet the demand for relevant benchmarks and has been an approved Benchmark Administrator by the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authorities since April 2021.

About Infront Infront is one of Europe’s leading providers of essential financial data and technology, for wealth managers, brokers and traders. 3500 customers use Infront to gather information, build knowledge and derive insight about market direction and investment opportunities to deliver better results for their clients. Infront gives wealth managers and traders the confidence and control they need to make smarter decisions faster.

For more information about this news update, please contact:

Patric Björk Andersson

Head of Business Development & Sales

Nordic Bond Pricing AS

+46 70 200 20 84


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